Singular Focus
Kildare seeks to achieve attractive, risk adjusted returns for its investors through investments in commercial real estate in the United States and Europe


Trusted counterparty

Senior professionals regularly liaise with key counterparty contacts that control or have a significant role in the disposition of illiquid assets. Such relationships place Kildare in an optimal position to evaluate the motivation, timing and pricing expectations of sellers and, in certain cases, secure investments on an exclusive basis.

Kildare works closely with counterparties to discreetly negotiate transactions ranging from a single asset to a portfolio of assets. Senior team members are actively involved throughout the investment process, providing counterparties with the needed assurance that transactions will be completed in line with expectations.

Solutions driven

Kildare’s singular investment focus and broad range of real estate skills and capital markets expertise allow the team to underwrite complex transactions quickly and efficiently. Utilizing a streamlined investment process, transactions can be structured to meet the timing needs of counterparties, often times leading to continued acquisition opportunities. Through active involvement of senior management in negotiation and transaction structuring, counterparties obtain a high decree of confidence with regard to certainty of execution.

Investor aligned

Kildare’s investment vehicles are closed-end, limited partnerships that place a priority on interest alignment with limited partners. First and foremost, Kildare seeks to protect and preserve investor capital. Utilizing a singular investment platform, the investment team selectively deploys capital and applies rigorous discipline in underwriting and diligence prior to pricing and closing transactions.

Additionally, Kildare targets a limited number of investors to facilitate a client driven approach to investor relations. This structure provides ready access to investment and operations related personnel to address limited partners’ needs in a timely, transparent and individualized manner.

With its experienced leadership, focused strategy and ready access to capital, Kildare is well-positioned to successfully acquire commercial real estate and real estate-related assets.