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Kildare Partners was established in 2013 to acquire commercial real estate and real estate-related assets exclusively in Europe.

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Since its establishment in 2013, Kildare has organized two funds with $4 billion of aggregate capital commitments

Kildare Partners ("Kildare") is a private equity organization that targets investments in commercial real estate related opportunities exclusively in Europe. Since its establishment in 2013, Kildare has organized two funds with $4 billion of aggregate capital commitments from global institutional investors including public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowments, foundations, fund of funds and high net worth individuals. To date, Kildare has closed on 18 investments at an aggregate purchase price of $4.8 billion.

Kildare's senior leadership individually average over 20 years of professional experience in acquiring, managing, and disposing of commercial real estate assets, as well as organizing and managing investor capital. Over the course of their professional careers, this veteran team has acquired first-hand knowledge of the inherent challenges and complexities associated with capital investment in multiple countries. Prior to the formation of Kildare, the majority of the senior team worked together at a global private equity firm for 15+ years. The shared vision of these individuals has allowed Kildare to quickly establish a presence in the marketplace as a reputable counterparty with proven leadership.

Asset management, due diligence, valuation, underwriting and other asset management services are provided on an exclusive basis by UK-based Curzon Advisers Limited ("Curzon"). Curzon has an experienced team of real estate valuation and asset management personnel who play a key role in the successful execution of Kildare's investment strategy.

Extensive Experience

  • Senior Leadership Averages Over 20 Years of Experience
  • First-Hand Knowledge of Capital Investment in Multiple Countries
  • Veteran Team with Proven Leadership

Focused Strategy

  • Single Geographic Target of Europe
  • Sole Focus on Commercial Real Estate Investments
  • $4 Billion in Aggregate Commitments Across Two Funds

Company Profile

  • Investor Aligned
  • Trusted Counterparty
  • Solutions Driven

Market Profile

  • Senior Level Attention
  • Ability to Make Decisions Quickly
  • Highly Capitalized
  • Located in Target Markets